Cultural Harmony Now was initiated by Anthony Chiminello and assisted by various individuals and organisations who share the same vision.  Depending on the profile of each project, alliances or partnerships are created with suitable businesses, Governments and the wider community.

Anthony Chiminello was previously a Director of a major public company and now operates his own international property consultancy business. He is passionate about creating and supporting projects that make a positive difference to our community by connecting cultures, sharing ideas and resources. He is also the founder of an interactive forum for professionals titled "Insight Management Forum"- a platform to share wisdom for greater balance and success in our personal & professional life. He contributes regular editorials to a national asian newspaper on topics relating to self development.


Partnership Opportunities

Projects are based on a sustainable business model of:

“Sharing resources for shared success”

Subject to the needs and benefits of each project, a diversity of partners will be invited to participate including business, Government and the wider community.

Our partners can engage in projects or activities through monetary or in-kind support (products or services) which may include the following:


Contribution of time, expertise, products or services.


Direct monetary contribution for project development.


Volunteering staff members & their expertise


If you wish to advise us of an existing project or become involved in future projects, please phone or send us an email listed in the contact details.

Partnership Benefits

Our partners benefit greatly through involvement with our projects such as:

Promotion and branding

Promotion to a wide audience across Australia and Asia

Access to diverse networks

Government, business & education sectors

Enhanced profile & reputation

Association with projects of international importance

Exchange of knowledge and ideas

Collaboration and exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas between many diverse stakeholders.

Where Australia Meets Asia

Our recent project involved a unique publication sharing art, poetry &  wisdom from 15 schools across 11 regions in Asia and Australia. This publication has received letters of support by the City of Melbourne, government representatives from each country and the following partners;